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Se a Itália está sempre no topo da sua lista prioritária de viagens, os trens Trenitalia e sua rede Frecce facilitam sua viagem em todo o país por sua extensa rede, em serviços de alta velocidade ou tradicionais.

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An extended network

You just have to take two or three days off to enjoy a nice trip to Amsterdam. Board on a Thalys Paris-Amsterdam train and discover this town, also known as the Venice of the North because of its lovely canals and its numerous bridges.
Amsterdam is also quite well-known for its history of non-conformism. But smoking cannabis is no longer a ubiquitous freedom and sex in the Red Light District is also facing stricter new laws. This town is also very famous for its nightlife and its carnival.
But if you want to enjoy the most traditional landmarks, hop off your Thalys train and pay a visit to Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, worth visiting with children, or even to the Flower Market and the Albert Cuyp Market.

There seems to be something for every traveler’s taste whether you like history and culture or just the shopping and the relaxing appeal of this old European city. So do not wait any longer and get on a Thalys train to discover all these attractions.

  • Brussels, City of Arts and cartoon character
    Brussels is so close to Paris that it seems to be a natural destination spot for all the comics books lovers and also the art enthusiasts. A Paris Brussels train will get you in no time to the traditional town of Tintin, Hergé’s character, where you can brush up your knowledge of the most famous journalist of all times by visiting the Belgian Comic Book Centre.

For the shopping-addicts, the Tintin shop, located very close to Manneken Pis statue, offers a nice alternative. More interested in visiting museums? Your curiosity will be satisfied by going to the Magritte museum or the Museum of musical Instruments.

  • The charming rivalry between Cologne and Dusseldorf
    Even if they have a “love-hate relationship” Cologne and Düsseldorf deserved to be visited, especially since the latter has been integrated in the Thalys trains network. With its very vibrant arts scene, Cologne is home to more than 30 museums and several exhibitions on a year-round basis.

But Dusseldorf is just as beautiful and interesting : the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is very well-known for its academy of fine arts, making a Thalys trip a requirement.

The convenience of one or more passes

If you really want to make the most of your journeys to these beautiful European cities by travelling on Thalys, you need to consider buying a pass and benefit from bonuses during your stay. By choosing a France Rail pass or a German Rail pass, you should get some unlimited train travel on domestic trains, some discount on international trains and also some discounts among a large number of partners.

With a Select pass, you can travel to Benelux, Germany, but even Ireland, Italy, Spain or Switzerland. Global pass holders are also entitled to a certain number of bonuses.